Use these tricks to enhance your Upwork profile!

14.10.2021 Admin 3640
Are you deciding on making an Upwork profile? Or you do already have an Upwork profile but need to spice things up. Well, we are here to help you out! We have curated a list of all of the things that you must do to enhance your Upwork profile, making sure that you attract clients like a moth to the flame! Does a good profile matter? Yes, it does! Whenever an employer is looking for someone to work with, they look at a CV; the same is the case with freelancing! When you make a profile, you are making a CV for buyers and clients to see. You would want to bring your best foot forward so people want to work with you, right? So go ahead and make your profile stand out from others in the best way possible! How to make your profile look its best?
  1. Profile Picture – Get good and professional headshots of yourself. Your picture is the first impression on the viewer, so make sure it looks professional, welcoming, and pleasing.
  1. Pick the perfect title – You are sorted out by your title. It is the next thing that people see after the profile picture. Pick a title that resonates with your entire niche. The title should be precise and should encapsulate the services that you offer.
For instance, as an alternative to writing: “Content Writer” you can write “Outstanding Content Writer” or “Skilled and Experienced Writer”. You can also add your slogan or punch line to make it even more striking.
  1. Captivate the reader with your profile overview – Making your profile overview a sight to wonder is achievable, you just need to be smart about it. Instead of just mentioning the skills you have and the services you provide, try to spice it up with something quirky and witty.
For instance, as a replacement for writing: “Can write articles”, you can inscribe: “I can produce articles that will make the readers’ eyes glued to the screen”. Here, you are describing what you can do without sounding weird and full of yourself. Try to give the clients the solution to the problem, not just self praises. The client needs to know what you can do for them.
  1. Visuals are everything – You will need attention-grabbing vide that makes people like you professionally. You can make a stellar video by the following steps:
    1. Dress professionally and look neat
    2. Make sure the background is clutter-free and has no distractions.
    3. Introduce yourself as:
      1. Your name
      2. Your niche
    4. Summarize your skills and package them as “Why should you hire me”.
    5. Be confident and show that you care.
    6. Make sure that the audio and the video are clear.
  1. Market your skills – People need to know what you are capable of, so make sure that you do that by choosing the skills that perfectly resemble your skillset. List the skills that you are confident in and be honest when you chose the standardized skill sets.
  2. Shine a light on your Portfolio – You need to utilize your portfolio to make an amazing impression. Showcase the proudest and pristine projects that you have done. Make sure to show the work that showcases your best work.
Also, make sure that the work you choose matches the niche that you are going to apply for. If you have not worked with anyone previously, create a sample to put up.
  1. Enlist your certifications – Freelancers are considered as ‘experts of their field’. To show that you are a certified professional, show them the certifications that you have under your belt and impress the clients.
  1. Share your employment history – List all of the places that you have been employed by that are relevant to your niche. This shows that you are experienced in the field.
  1. Education – Your education status also reflects your skill level. Makes sure to list your education to make a great impression. This can also include online courses and other activities.
Conclusion: If you intend on working on Upwork, you need to put effort into your profile. Your profile is a reflection of your unique skillsets. Invest some time into making your profile look elevated.

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