Tips to get your clients easily by creating a perfect Upwork profile!

14.10.2021 Admin 2870
Do you have an Upwork profile? Are you having trouble getting clients on Upwork and are thinking about giving up? This is your calling not to quit! Lets see how having a perfect Upwork profile works to get more clients and work! What if I told you there is a simple way to get more clients? The solution is in the title! The key to scoring more clients is to create a perfect profile! Here is the how-to guide for you to upgrade that profile! Why the profile? It can get a little confusing if you do not know the ins and outs of Upwork. Why is the profile important, you ask? Well, the profile works as a digital CV for you. It is the representation of who you are and what you are capable of to the clients. A profile is a significant step for you if you want new clients. To make sure that it is in pristine condition, here is a step by step guide.
  1. The Profile Picture – A picture speaks a thousand words, and yours should too. If you do not have a picture, invest in good headshots. These headshots should look professional, have a welcoming tone, and should be clear.
Clients usually look at profile pictures to determine their level of commitment and professionalism.
  1. The Title –Every great person has a title, and your profile needs one too. But you can’t be like the ordinary, can you? No, it would be best if you stood out.
Choose a title that describes your niche, but make it interesting! Use a catchphrase that your brand has, make the customers look at your profile, and trust you! Make your title look fun and eye-catching. Let’s pick an example of a graphic designer. Instead of writing “Graphic designer”, go big and write “An experienced and professional Graphic Designer”. Please don’t imply that you have talent, write it down for them.
  1. The Profile Overview– This is like a summary of what you can do. You need to let the creative juices flow here! Make an adventure out of your skills. Here you can also use slogans, catchy phrases, and witty comments to keep the readers engaged.
But remember this is not just about you. It is about the solutions that you can provide to the clients. Make sure to address them and let them know that you are the person that can fix their issues.
  1. The Introductory Video – Consider this video as your interview. And what do we do in an interview? We talk about our skills and tell others why to hire us. Most Upwork sellers skip this or do not understand the inherent importance this part holds.
Make a professional video that describes your name, what you do; what skills you have, and why the clients hire you? This video is an interview and persuading technique to get more clients to like you and work with you.
  1. The Pre-made skill list – There is a pre-made skill list that you need to select from. Carefully read them and pick out the most relevant ones to your skills and the services you provide.
Do not pick irrelevant skills or the skills that you have not mastered. Remember that you need to be honest and careful when you pick these out.
  1. The Portfolio – You must make the portfolio look as perfect as you can. Pick out the projects that are your absolute best work. The projects should be relevant to the service you provide so the client can check out your work and see what you can do.
  2. The Certifications – Remember that a freelancer is a professional, so there must be certifications under your belt, list them all (relevant ones). Online certifications count too.
  3. The Employment History –Any employment you have secured related to your niche should be listed here. This helps showcase your experience in the field.
  4. Education – Education comes in all forms. Any education that you have should be listed here. Online classes also count in this case.
Conclusion: If you are looking for clients at Upwork, you should try to make your profile look as perfect as possible. Use the guide given above to navigate your way through the profile.

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