I want to be an interior design freelancer. How do I start?

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It can be quite confusing to start a path to freelancing. If you are not well versed and have no one to guide you, it can become challenging. But don’t you sweat; we are here to guide you through. This is an ode to the confused interior design freelancers that want to get started but don’t quite know-how.
  1. Make a website:
Making a website can be your start. Making a website will help you in many different ways. When you have a website, you can showcase your work to the world.  Put your work, ideas, and creative capabilities on that website. A website can also help you to promote other things that you have going on. The website should also have your contact information so the clients can reach you.
  1. Blog What You Got:
Making a blog is very handy for an interior designer. A blog can be used to give the audience a chance to know what you have to offer. Your work and ideas can be shown light through the blog. The blog can also make readers interested in the opinions that you carry and the expertise that you carry. A blog can be a great outlet to let the audience and customers know the ‘Behind the Scenes’ of the projects you have done, the people you have worked with, the people that you have worked for, and your recommendations.
  1. Use Social Media as Advertisement:
Social media is the new advertisement space. Having a social media presence is a vital part of making a name. Having social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can help you to reach an audience through it. You can showcase all of your work on the social media sites that you have signed up your business to so that your followers can see your skills shine. You can also promote your website and blog there. A business account on these platforms gives you a chance to become more knowledgeable through placing ads. Ads can be an amazing way to reach the people that you otherwise would have not reached with ease.
  1. Use Freelancing Websites:
The use of freelancing websites can be a good option too. This ensures that you can reach the clients without the hassle of constant promotion. Many websites support versatile freelancer. Some of the most know freelancing websites include Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Guru.com and so many more. By Signing up on these sites, you can create profiles that will be accessible to customers. This allows the customer to choose the person that they think is more eligible for the job. By showing your best, you can grab clients easily.
  1. Put your best foot forward:
Your dealings with the clients should be up top. Be nice to your clients, listen to their instructions, follow the given instructions to the T, Try to give extra love to the project, be organized and responsive, suggest to clients the best options, and be honest with money dealings. Being the best at your job helps you get a good rating, help you build a good reputation, and get referrals from clients.
  1. Keep a Check on your Past Clients:
When you are done with a client and the task is completed, it will be a nice and beneficial thing to do if you check on your clients. Call, e-mail, or text them and see if they are enjoying the project that you did with them. Reaching out to the clients and checking up on the project can have many benefits. Clients remember you with a good name. This encourages them to come to you if they have another project. A good memory and a good service also earn you referrals from the client.
  1. Have Deals and Discounts:
Offering Discounts and extra offers kick things up. Having seasonal and promotional deals can help you get more clients. People like free services or discounts. For example, offering a closet renovation for free after doing the bedroom can be a bonus. Conclusion: Freelancing is a great opportunity to start your brand. There is more liberty in having things under your control. Follow the advice given above and we can assure you that you will start making a path of your own as a freelancing Interior Designer.

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