Freelancing 2021: How To Sell On Fiverr Like a PRO?

14.10.2021 Admin 1017
Let's face it, with the passing years, freelancing has not been as easy as it seems. In 2021, it appears that competition keeps growing, and it becomes harder to land more clients on freelancing websites. Especially on Fiverr, with a growing number of users, it seems almost impossible to rank on the website. However, we have some tips in store for you that will optimize your Fiverr gigs and let you sell like a PRO. Are you about to give up by saying, "been there, done that!"? Are you done with trying to make your gigs better and start selling? Are you still waiting for someone to buy your services but are miserably failing at attracting a client? Well, we have the best ways to put your worries to rest. Follow the guidelines in the post to become a top seller on Fiverr.

Become more VISIBLE on Fiverr

While going through Fiverr gigs, you must have wondered why some people are more visible than others. It would help if your profile showed up on Fiverr similarly to theirs. We know you are wondering what requirements need fulfilling to rank so high on Fiverr? The answer to your queries is that Fiverr has a working algorithm that decides if your gig will be visible on the first or last pages. Cracking that algorithm is the key to being more noticeable than others. Most people have several orders lined up, while others have to wait for months before finally getting a task because most people know how to optimize their gigs. They understand how Fiverr’s algorithm works. Let’s look into some tips to post better and successful gigs and other factors that make you more visible on Fiverr. 

 Add a keyword to your title Like SEO, Fiverr gigs require a set of appropriate keywords that help a gig rank higher on Fiverr. Firstly, your gig title should be precise, describing your service using a relevant keyword. One keyword for the can title is enough for a client to get the idea of your service. 

 Choose five top keywords for the tags. Secondly, adding the right keywords in the overview section is also crucial while creating a gig. Fiverr allows you to enter five tags, so choosing the correct keywords here will lead buyers to your gig. How can you make sure you have chosen the exact keywords for your tags? Here is how; search for the service you are offering and see what the search bar suggests you enter. Enter the top five keywords that show up in the search results. Another way of searching for the best keywords is by looking at the tags other top sellers have used for their gigs. 

 Use keywords in your description Similarly, add keywords in the description for buyers to see your page first as they search. While you might feel tempted to use as many keywords as possible, it can be a minus overdoing it. Do not stuff your keywords in the description. Use them in the beginning only with a proper flow of sentences. Don’t make it look as if you forced them into your sentence.

Work with trustworthy clients.

As you succeed in attracting more clients, make sure you interact with them professionally. Keep your regular and most trusted clients in the loop and stay connected to them. You can then ask them if they have more work for you to maintain workflow and higher ratings. The ratings by the right buyers will make you more noticeable in the market.

Try to stay online 24/7

Many buyers mostly prefer active sellers. Hence, it is significantly better for you to stay online as much as possible so that buyers searching for active sellers find you quickly. If you are not near your laptop, try visiting online on the Fiverr app on your smartphone.

Promote your gigs

Social media is the most popular medium of promotion in today’s era. Anything promoted on social media platforms seems to gain popularity quicker than anything. Hence, it is a smart strategy to link your gigs on social media groups and pages relevant to your service. You can also catch people’s attention on social media by providing solutions to many problems. Give them your Fiverr URL and ask them to place an order if they want to work with you.


Finally, selling on Fiverr like a PRO needs more learning, practice and experience. The key to becoming a professional seller on Fiverr is consistency. Be punctual with your work and actively connected with all your clients. Do not mind more revisions, as it will increase your credibility. Try to bag as many 5 stars as possible to get more high-quality clients.

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