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So, you have already decided to take up freelancing as your career path, and you are ready to dive fully into it. As you must’ve found out, there are several ways you can begin your freelancing journey. The most difficult thing is getting your first job. Once you cross this huddle, projects will begin to flow and you will continue to learn more. There is a quote; “if you can make $1 from freelancing, there is no limit to the amount you can make.” How to Get Your First Job as a Freelancer You can explore different means to get your first job as a freelancer, let’s check them below:
  1. Sign up on Freelancing Platforms: Several freelancing platforms that can aid your journey as a freelancer are online, some examples are, Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, and others. The good thing about these platforms is that it is free to sign up on them. You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet your first paying client, would you?
  2. Search for Jobs on Google: You will be surprised that there are a series of freelance jobs available on Google. All you have to do is to search for them.
  3. Pitch through Emails: This is by getting the emails of big organizations or individuals that have advertised your freelancing skills. Pitch your services with a proposal sent through emails. If your proposal is compelling, you will be contacted.
  4. Through Social Media Platforms: If I guess correctly, you use your social media accounts for fun. You have no idea how many opportunities flying around on each of these social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. All you have to do is to search for available jobs on these platforms.
How to Start Earning on I have written this blog post to show you how you can start earning on one of the freelancing platforms, You will get to find out how you can use this amazing platform to your advantage. You will find unlimited opportunities available for you on this platform. is a freelancing platform that has been running since 2009 and it has provided many opportunities for freelancers like you and me. If you can follow the following steps, you can begin to earn on 

  Step 1 The first thing you should do before you start is to decide the services you want to offer. Once you have decided, proceed to register an account on the platform. Signing up is free. You could, however, decide to upgrade your membership, but I would advise that you should stick to the free account for now. 

  Step 2 Create a profile. Always remember that your profile represents you. Ensure that you complete it by filling in all requirements. Add your portfolio (experience) if you have any. You will be hired easily by clients if you present yourself in the right manner. 

  Step 3 Start bidding for projects. Your journey to earning starts from here. There are thousands of projects posted daily on Depending on your skills, select your category and search for the jobs you are sure you are capable of executing. Go to the “Job page” and begin to bid by submitting proposals to the projects you are qualified for. There are more than 750 categories on which includes writing, accounting, marketing, web development, and others. When bidding, ensure your proposal is compelling. This will make sure that you are preferred to your competitors. 

  Step 4 After you’ve submitted your proposal, if the client finds you compelling than your competitors, you are most likely to be contacted to start working on the project. Before you proceed, ensure you have reached an agreement with the client about the scope, deadline as well as milestone payment of the project. This will ensure that no issues occur after embarking on the project. After you have started working, make sure you are consistent with the timeline of the project, the budget, and the communication with the client. 

  Step 5 This is the last step. You will be paid by the client once you are done with the project and most probably earn yourself 5-star feedback. This is if you’ve completed the job to the client’s satisfaction. Once you are paid, you can proceed to withdraw your money through any of the following means:
  • Local bank account
  • Moneybooker
  • Paypal wire
  • Skrill
  • Payoneer, etc.
Getting 5-star feedback will help you build your profile. Other clients could then trust you with their projects knowing that you can handle them. You want to continue to earn money, right? Repeat this process from step 3.  

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