How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs?

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Finding freelance writing jobs is not difficult if you know how to properly prepare yourself and appeal to potential clients. Freelance writing is an amazing career to dive into due to its flexibility and the fact that there is an endless amount of work available for those who know where to look and how to best market their skills. If you are a talented writer looking to sell your skills in the freelance world, you will need to make sure you are knowledgeable about the industry in order to be successful. This means being familiar with how contracts work, learning how to invoice clients, and ensuring that all deliverables are of the highest quality you can provide. Do you want to learn how to find freelance writing jobs? Keep on reading for helpful tips and advice on how to land your next project.

Have an Attractive Portfolio

If you don’t have an up to date writing portfolio with the work you are most proud of, it is a good idea to make one. Any client who is hiring a writer will ask for writing samples to assess their capabilities. They want to see that you are skilled at what you do and that you deliver high-quality work. Oftentimes clients will also ask for links to published work if you have any available. Make sure you have a file ready with your writing samples and or a link to your blog or website if you have one. The more examples client can see of your work from past clients, the more comfortable they will be working with you.

Fine-Tune Your Writing Abilities

In order to succeed as a freelancer and keep leveling up in the writing world, you must be an accomplished writer. The better you are at writing, the more opportunities you will get, and the higher you will be able to set your rates. Companies are very selective when it comes to who they will allow to represent their brand. Therefore, it is a good idea to be proficient in SEO’s best practices, adapt well to different client styles, have amazing grammar and proofreading abilities, be able to turnaround work quickly, and know what appeals to a specific audience so that text can be adapted accordingly. When you are a strong writer, you no longer have to worry about how to find freelance writing jobs.

Ask for Feedback

Another great way to land a freelance writing job is to ask past and current clients for feedback on your work. When speaking with new clients, oftentimes they will inquire about your previous experiences in order to assess your expertise. Having client testimonials on hand will benefit you greatly when it comes to finding and being selected for writing jobs. It might seem uncomfortable or scary at first to ask a client for feedback on your work, but it is a very common occurrence and any client who has hired freelancers likely has been asked for feedback as well. The best way to ask is to remain professional and get straight to the point. Clients are often more than happy to write a quick review for you, and this will make you look more attractive on your applications to new clients.

Strengthen Your Profile Summary

If you are wondering how to find freelance writing jobs, and you haven’t put much care into your “about me” section on your profile or resume, it is a great idea to work on that. This is often the first thing that clients see when they click on the link to your page or open up your application file, so it is very important that your summary leaves a lasting impression. You should display your skills and strengths without being too wordy and inform the client of the services you provide while also convincing them that you provide high-quality work that is in a league above the rest.

Learn How to Pitch Effectively

Cold pitching is quite tedious, but it is absolutely necessary if you are trying to learn how to find freelance writing jobs. There are tricks to an effective pitch that will get potential clients to pay attention to your email despite the large number of messages they receive each day. Some common mistakes that freelance writers make when cold pitching include being too wordy in their message, copy-pasting the same pitch without adjusting to specific client needs, or not following proposal guidelines when they are listed on the company website. Make sure to do thorough research on the company you are pitching to and (if you have this knowledge) the specific person that will review your proposal. If you can find out who this is, address them directly in your email. A first name is much more powerful than “to whom it may concern.” Most importantly, get to the point quickly and highlight the reasons why you are a worthy candidate over the rest. Freelance writing is a very exciting and rewarding career for those who are willing to put their all into it. 

Taking the time to build your portfolio, practice your writing skills, or strengthen your profile summary are just a few ways that you can increase your chances of being chosen for a new and exciting opportunity in the writing world. Have you been wondering how to find freelance writing jobs? If you follow the guidelines listed above, remain motivated and persistent, and market yourself appropriately, you will have no trouble finding work. For the right person, the freelance writing world is filled with endless opportunities to showcase their abilities and also to gain new skills along the way. Whether you are currently a freelance writer, or you are looking to become one, there is a place in this niche for you. 

Do not get discouraged if you aren’t gaining traction as quickly as you’d like. Writers should be consistent, passionate, and always striving to be better. With these traits, anything is possible in the freelance writing world. Don’t give up!

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