How much does virtual assistant make?

15 October, 2021 Raleigh Damron 6

Answers (6):

    22 October, 2021

    The truth is, it depends. A virtual assistant earns on average $7.00 per hour. While some may jump straight to the conclusion that this figure is too low and not worth the time or effort, there are still plenty of reasons why a VA can be helpful. What price tag would you put on finding out how to do your taxes, having someone return all of your phone calls for one day so you can focus on other tasks in your business, or getting personalized assistance in setting up your social media accounts? If anyone tells you they charge less than $7 per hour, beware!

    22 October, 2021

    The answer to this question is as varied as the people who do it, but a general estimate for pay would be anything from $20 an hour to over $100 an hour. Cost of living varies greatly, and different companies use different means of remuneration. The above estimates are likely on the low end if you're located in a metropolitan area like New York City or San Francisco. At the higher end you can expect to make up at least half what a long-term employee might make if they had been with the company for several years before taking on this job.

    22 October, 2021

    How much does virtual assistant make? The salary offered for each position is based on the many factors. Location, experience levels, certifications all have an impact. I'm not sure why you are asking this question when the information is available in your search engine or just right below your question here. I can empathize with almost everyone's pressures to find a job and keep food on the table but I don't know how to answer this one without more detailed information about what you're looking for and terms related to your market niche. Is there anything more specific that we can help you with?

    22 October, 2021

    In the United States, a virtual assistant. makes an average of $10.00 to $20 per hour for about 30-40 hours per week depending on the market and. their experience level. Some may charge higher rates for. prestigious clients or require a retainer agreement. for full-time work. In fact, some VA professionals have been able to turn their VA businesses into 7 figures! Senior virtual assistants that have been in the field for 10+ years make around $75K annually ($6,250 monthly) as freelancers which is typically about double what new employers would pay them ($3,000 - 4,500).

    22 October, 2021

    If you are writing on behalf of a bigger company, or if you are more experienced, your wage could be about $12-$18 per hour. If you are freelance, your wages will depend entirely on how much work is coming in and what field of virtual assistance. However it's easy to calculate rates- charge per task multiplied by hours taken to complete that task. It would also depend on experience level, skill set and location. For example someone with skills in customer service who can speak English fluently living in the U.S., might charge $20-$25 an hour for their services!

    22 October, 2021

    It depends. The range of income can span from $25,000 to $150,000 to $250,000 and up. Salaries for VA's and other virtual assistants usually vary based on the company's needs and your qualifications. However, there is a certain level of stipend that will be offered by any company to start as an entry-level position without experience or certification--usually about $25k per year with potential raise coming as you grow within the company as well as continuing education requirements such as CVO membership which includes participation in online seminars and courses given by professionals in their field over the course of a year at least twice yearly (a total four courses).