Who is a freelance writer in india?

15 October, 2021 Larisa Paris 6

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    17 October, 2021

    One popular freelance writer in india is Manisha Ranchod.
    Lately she wrote for GQ, India Today Magazine, Time Out Mumbai, Elle TV & Radio, Mumbai Mirror and other publications on various topics like fashion stylist tips to home decor ideas or related because of her expertise in design. She has written high calorie men's magazines targeted for young readers with an interest in international news events which include luxury watch reviews to discussions about the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies. Apart from that she has also been a columnist for every Indian broadsheet publication including The Times Of India and Financial Express which are defined by their flagship morning editions carried out nationwide.

    At present time, she is also available online after making her debut on T

    17 October, 2021

    Assuming that your question is where to find a freelance writer in India, then I need more information-where do you live? Are you looking for an English speaker or someone who speaks Hindi and English? The best way to find out who is available and qualified in your area is by word of mouth and referrals. If those aren't possible, I recommend websites such as or, both of which offer freelancers from all over the world-including India! Good luck with your search!

    17 October, 2021

    A freelance writer has a contract to write content for a company at a certain fee per word. The best place to start is with your previous employers, as they may have work you can take on or contacts at other organizations who are looking for an experienced freelancer. You'll find plenty of websites advertising jobs, but bear in mind that not all of them pay well enough to make the time worth your while. If you don't know where to start, your best bet is probably Upwork which generally has very high standards among contractors and clients alike. Writers keen on pursuing an international audience should be cautious during their search for markets outside of India-keep in mind that not all countries around the world place equal importance on written quality.

    17 October, 2021


    Freelance writing can be found all across India. It is, however, relatively more common in urban areas. Freelancers are often writers or editors by trade and will advertise their services on websites advertising the need for freelancers. Obviously not all freelance Indian writers would have legitimate business cards—the economy being what it is—but these individuals usually do have some form of blog with contact information available to peruse prior to any transactions
    You might also want to check out conferences that focus on freelance content creation for networking opportunities. These conferences are typically open to non-speakers as well so don't worry if you couldn't afford the price tag! Usually the events are free but they require an RSVP or

    17 October, 2021

    Including a freelance writer in India. Writers create text for various media, such as books and magazines. In the Internet era, they also create content for web sites and speeches for conferences. Becoming a freelance writer is an option that allows writers to work from home or travel--although there may be some drawbacks associated with it that come with being self-employed. Finding a reference list of accomplished freelance writers in the country of India is a tough task since not much information is available about them on the World Wide Web. The only Indian authors who have been noted as "successful" free lancers are Dilip Chitre, Vikram Chandra and Amitav Ghosh.

    17 October, 2021

    "I am freelance writer in india". If you're looking for writing jobs (freelance or otherwise), check out our list of resources to find the best way to go about getting them! There are pages on places to post your resume, companies that hire writers, how much writers typically make per word, and more. You can also verify rates for writers in India. We hope this is helpful! Good luck with your search. This website has plenty of fresh ideas if you want to become a freelancer without having too much start-up capital - you don't need it at all if you're willing to take on some technical editing work or teach English online!