Question: legit?

15 October, 2021 Augustine Center 6

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    18 October, 2021

    Upwork does not charge a premium for its services, and it is very affordable. Payment is done through your name on the site or via PayPal. Upwork has been around 15 years and their clients include Google, Cisco Systems, Uber, Spotify, Volkswagen Group among many others. The vast majority of Upwork jobs are high quality and worth trying. With regards to scams on the site, the odds of this happening are extremely small because both contractors and business owners have considerable recourse if something doesn't go well.

    18 October, 2021

    Trust your gut. Evaluate the website or organization's content for potential scams before deciding to do business. The reputation of is so good that they would never scam you. Check user reviews out on another site like Glassdoor, but even then any major red flags should be reported back to Upwork so they can take care of it. You can also contact customer service or e-broker support directly if you have problems with someone else in the marketplace who is falsely claiming affiliation with our site - just copy and past their profile link into chat, email, or call 1888 BUILDING (887 4754).

    18 October, 2021

    Answer: More than 500,000 businesses depend on Upwork to create successful projects with impact - and seven in ten people who start an independent job through Upwork get at least one repeat client. Read more thoughts from Josh Krause, Head of Trust & Safety at Upwork.

    Hackers take it very seriously when they steal data about high demand services like freelancing or outsourcing work. This type of theft is dangerous because disgruntled employees can use the information to target their former bosses for extortion or sabotage the business's reputation by leaving fake reviews online. Robust identity verification processes are absolutely essential for all freelancer platforms if they want to protect themselves and their clients from this hazard. If you don't think your business needs protection like this, I

    18 October, 2021

    The short answer is no. Uptowork was used to hire a few people for my company in the past, but it's not something I would trust in general. Curiously, despite the shady reputation of this site, I have never come across anyone who has had any theft or other type of scam related issue with Upwork - which is what you'd expect if there were issues. It sounds like they are pretty good at warning freelancers about name/account security when using their service - because over time, all the stories seem to be about successful businesses or contractors that use them for getting freelancers on board to do work when necessary rather than trying to get out of paying someone they hired.

    18 October, 2021

    It's a really tough call, and it's hard to know the best way to answer this question. First, I would say that there are good contractors on Upwork and bad contractors. This is no different than in any other spot where people advertise their services. What might help you become more confident in your decision is evaluating the answers you get when you ask for references from former employers of companies that have used freelance contractors on Upwork - we've had excellent feedback with this method in our company when we needed guidance selecting candidates to work with in-person jobs in Linkedin jobs in the past years.

    18 October, 2021 legit? The response from the Upwork staff is an interesting one, and they have a point in that if you can't find out whether or not this person was trustworthy based on work samples, then it might be worth having them sign up for an account to take on your project. However, I would urge any potential clients to go through the vetting process with due diligence before proceeding further than discussing rates with someone who cannot provide substantial evidence of their past services using the site itself. From what I've found during my inquiry into these questions via chat, there are no useful skills lists readily available for employers seeking applicants to do anything other than digital asset work (i.e.