How to name your freelance business?

10 October, 2021 Andrew Block 6

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    16 October, 2021

    One of the most common mistakes people make is that they use their own name, thinking it will be easier for them to become recognizable. However this can be a hindrance because if you're not an established author with lots of books in print, it can lead potential clients to believe you are inexperienced or unqualified for the work. Instead I suggest taking advantage of your originality by finding something striking and distinguishing about yourself or your service so that people will remember who you are when they hear how simple it sounds.

    16 October, 2021

    The demand for creative talent has increased over the last decade. Unlike traditional employment, the freelance industry provides the opportunity to find work based on their skills and styles. Freelancing makes it easy for creative professionals to be in control of every aspect of their careers including project seeking out, negotiating rates, setting hours and location, marketing themselves or bringing another person on board as a partner. Research keywords online before coming up with your name to ensure that you are not using an already trademarked name. Searching "freelance" will bring up pricing information along with contact information where you can ask these companies if they own the word 'freelance'.

    16 October, 2021

    The most important thing with a name is that it's memorable. It should feel like your own brand and give you the identity you're looking for. Some things to consider while naming your business are what makes you unique, what language to write in (if any), who your target audience will be, how concrete or abstract do you want the words to be, and what other companies might infringe on your trademark. At this point in time it should become clear to yourself who you are by figuring out which of these aspects appeal the most.

    16 October, 2021

    The Entrepreneurial Freelancer - How to Start a Freelance Business. You've been there. After months of working hard, sweating it out over projects after hours, you're finally earning enough to live on your own terms and going freelance is an exciting prospect. You want to make sure you get everything right from day one because this will be the foundation for your future business. In the series "How To Start a Startup," Entrepreneur contributor Rick Wanner shares what he's learned starting his own company from scratch.

    16 October, 2021

    Rule 1: Make it short and easy-to-say. The shorter, the better. If you're afraid of having an acronym for your company name, just use a word that works on its own or one that doesn't carry too many syllables. Rule 2: Stick to these six syllable maximums for names (almost all words used as business names fall within those limitations):  One syllable, such as "Apple"  Two syllables with each word starting with a vowel like "Barnes & Noble".

    16 October, 2021

    Here are a few tips/thoughts to know when naming your freelance business:. What reputation do you want to create for this business? Do you want a catchy, descriptive name or should it be more general? What feelings would the name evoke in readers? Will it feel welcoming, approachable and friendly or will they feel hunted down if they see that name on another website advertisement. What types of services do you offer and how specific should the name be? How will your target audience react to the name of your business? Do people in their demographic generally prefer "practical" sounding names versus funky ones?